Start time changes to 8:30 am on Monday, April 3rd!

“EVERYBODY PLAYS” Monday Dogfight

Whether you are a high or low handicapper, an experienced or novice golfer, a man or a woman at least 21 years old, you are welcome and encouraged to participate in our Monday morning dogfight.  The fun begins each Monday, shotgun starting 8:30 am.  There will be differing formats of competition each week and everything is handicapped.  Everybody, regardless of skill level, will have a fair opportunity to compete for prize money. Just come on out 30 minutes before start time, register at the registration cart, pay $8.00, ($26. golfing fee is separate) and plan on having a great time of friendship and sportsmanship!

1st Monday of Month:  “Blind Partner Draw”

2nd Monday of Month:  “Teams, best 2 scores”

3rd Monday of Month:  “Points, Groupings”

4th Monday of Month:  “Handicap Groupings Net”

5th Monday of Month:  “Texas Scramble”

*Competition details, rules, and regulation sheets will be available at register/sign-up.

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