Formats and rules…

“Everybody Plays”


Open to the Public players 21 and over!

         RULES & FORMATS   Updated 11/19

 (Cool weather formats – 11/4/19 through 3/30/20)

  • 1st Monday: “Texas Scramble”   Team chooses best drive then all players play individual ball to the hole.  Team scores with best two scores for each hole.  Scoring is by gross scoring. Prizes for:  Best Front, back, & total.  All ties are shared.  Each player must score at least two (2) holes per side (nine holes).  (1st MONDAY PLAY at RIVER FALLS!!!)
  • 2nd Monday: “Points Competition”. Individual scores by adding points earned with handicap (Maximum Handicap is 30).   Points: Bogies “1”, Pars “2”, Birdies “4”, Eagle “6”.  (Handicap Group Competition).  Choose your own foursome!
  • 3rd Monday: “Captain’s Choice,  Handicapped”  Team size based upon number of attendees.  Official handicap program used to handicap teams. Team Skins & team Greenies!  Choose your own team!
  • 4th Monday:  Blind Partner Draw”, net score total scoring.  Size of team is based on total number of players.  Choose your own foursome!  :

5th Monday:  Captain’s Choice”   Size of teams will be based upon number of attendees.  Team Skins & team Greenies! (This will also be default format for adverse weather conditions).


Birdie Pot is awarded through SKINS format.

    Basic rules:

  1. All players must register and pay prior to teeing off.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to shotgun  tee times!  (Starting 10  am Nov-March)
  2. Rolling ball within 12” in the rough and fairway is permissible as long as sight/flight line to the hole is not improved by such movement.  A ball being played from a hazard must not be moved
  3. All “out of bounds” balls must be re-hit from original location and the player is penalized both stroke and distance.
  4. There will be NO “GIMMES.”  All putts must be played to the hole with all strokes counting up to a triple bogey (see 6 below).  No exceptions please!
  5. “Greenies” are awarded only when a player pars the hole.  Therefore, do not lift prior player’s marker until you have secured your par.  Last group will bring in all markers.
  6. Please pick up ball after triple bogey attempt and score a triple bogey on the scorecard.
  7. Keep pace with group in front of you.  Under normal conditions there is no reason why any group should finish more than 20 minutes later than the first finishing group.
  1. Tee boxes: Men ages 21- 54 “White Tees”, Men 55-79 “Gold tees”, Men 80+ & Women “Red Tees”
  2. Please return all scorecards to scoring area before unloading at Parking Lot.


         Visit: for updates and results.